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Highly Suspicious
Disclaimer: uses both leading vendors and state-of-the-art academic AI methods. However, errors can occur.
Generation or manipulation of faces
Highly Suspicious
100% confidence
Deepfake Face Detection
Visual detection models localize an object of interest in a video by returning a box that bounds that object. Any faces in the query are passed through an additional classification step to identify whether or not they are deepfakes.
Highly Suspicious
87% confidence
Face Blending
Face blending is a process where AI takes two or more images and creates a new composite facial image.
Highly Suspicious
72% confidence
Distinguishes real faces from deepfake faces.
Highly Suspicious
59% confidence
Generative Convolutional Vision Transformer
Analyzes video for visual artifacts and uses latent data distribution to detect AI manipulation.
Little Evidence
Face Manipulation
Detects potential AI manipulation of faces present in images and videos, as in the case of face swaps and face reenactment.
Voice cloning or generation
Highly Suspicious
97% confidence
AI Generated Audio Detection
The model detects AI generated audio.
Little Evidence
20% confidence
Advanced Foundational Features
Detects AI-synthesized audio using a larger foundation model trained over more diverse data than the foundational audio model.
Little Evidence
6% confidence
Foundational Features
Detects AI-synthesized audio.
File type and size
Processing time
Time to analyze media
2m 20s
Analyzed on
When media was analyzed
Wed, May 1, 2024
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