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Notable Deepfakes

Deceased Indian Politician Makes Video

Deepfake video impersonating the late Indian politician H Vasanthakumar

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Fake Palestinian Army

Deepfake army marching in formation with Palestinian keffiyeh scarf

Kennedy Family

A deepfake of the Kennedy family endorsing Joe Biden. They all use Biden's face and voice.

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Taylor Swift with Trump Flag

Altered video showing Taylor Swift displaying flag saying 'Trump won'

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Moscow terrorist attack

Fake video of Ukraine’s top security official claiming responsibility for the Crocus Center terrorist attack broadcasted by a Russian TV channel

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Trump being arrested

Fake image of Donald Trump being arrested by a crowd of police officers.

Trump Mugshot

An AI-generated booking mugshot.

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Indian PM

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi voice cloned into 30 regional languages

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Biden and Israel-Hamas Conflict

A generated image posted during the Hamas attack

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Trump and Epstein

Generated image of Trump with minors on the airplane of a convicted sex trafficker and pedophile.

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