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Substantial Evidence of Manipulation
WhatsApp Video 2024-07-09 at 10.10.20.mp4 verdict: substantial evidence of manipulation.
Verified by human analyst
Substantial Evidence
Substantial Evidence
Disclaimer: uses both leading vendors and state-of-the-art academic AI methods. However, errors can occur.
Voice cloning or generation
Substantial Evidence
100% confidence
Audio Analysis
Analyzes audio for indications that it was generated by an AI audio generator.
Substantial Evidence
100% confidence
AI Generated Audio Detection
The model detects AI generated audio.
Little Evidence
8% confidence
Foundational Features
Detects AI-synthesized audio.
Generation or manipulation of faces
Substantial Evidence
100% confidence
Face Manipulation
Detects potential AI manipulation of faces present in images and videos, as in the case of face swaps and face reenactment.
Substantial Evidence
93% confidence
Generative Convolutional Vision Transformer
Analyzes video frames for unusual patterns and discrepancies in facial features.
File type and size
Processing time
Time to analyze media
2m 48s
Analyzed on
When media was analyzed
Tue, Jul 9, 2024
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