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TrueMedia.Org detected substantial evidence of manipulation.
File type and size
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First analyzed on
Fri, Mar 1, 2024
Disclaimer: TrueMedia.Org uses both leading vendors and state-of-the-art academic AI methods. However, errors can occur.
AI manipulation analysis
Highly Suspicious
95% confidence
AI Generated Audio Detection
The model detects AI generated audio.
Highly Suspicious
84% confidence
Voice Analysis
Detects AI-generated voices and voice cloning in audio.
Highly Suspicious
52% confidence
Audio Analysis
Analyzes audio for indications that it was generated by an AI audio generator.
Little Evidence
3% confidence
Advanced Foundational Features
Detects AI-synthesized audio using a larger foundation model trained over more diverse data than the foundational audio model.
Little Evidence
1% confidence
Foundational Features
Detects AI-synthesized audio.
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